Count Down to Jao's Aussie
Millions 4k pkg Give Away

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Aussie Millions 4k pkg Main Event is on Dec. 10th
at 9:oo pm EST with a 
$119.00 Buyin, you can also
Step into the  Main Event with Steps that are 

available in Our Game Lobby or you can Win Step Tickets
during this Promotion. 
Step One Games are a $2.20
and Step Two Games are a $13.25 Buyin.

Bad Beat Jackpot: The minimum required
hand to lose with is Four of a Kind (2222A).
Two or more players must be active and showdown at the end. Two or more players involved in the hand must use both of their hole cards to be eligible.

Bad Beat Jackpot distribution:
Losing Player - 50%
Wining player- 25%
Rest of the table - 25%



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